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Happy Sensational Sunday, guys! I’m writing from my room at Excellence Riviera Cancun in Mexico. The Husband and I are wrapping up our annual, adults-only, long weekend escape. This is the third year we’ve taken a trip like this and this resort is my favorite so far.

We flew in Thursday morning around lunch time. The Excellence Riviera Cancun is just a quick 20-minute ride from the airport so we were at  the resort just in time for lunch. Our room wasn’t ready so we sat at The Grill and admired the view.

The check-in process was a little hectic and unorganized, but it’s hard to complain when you are kicking off a 4-day vacation in paradise.

I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take photos of the room before we messed it up with all our crap. All I can say is it’s perfection. A giant, comfy king-sized bed, fully stocked mini bar, love seat, desk and sliding doors that bring us out to our own private hammock and pool entrance. We splurged for the first time on a slightly upgraded room and it was totally worth it! The Husband is outside right now reading on our patio.

I woke up Friday at the butt-crack of dawn, of course. Sleeping in just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me anymore, even on vacation, so I can’t blame the kids. Since I was up I decided to hit the beach and catch the sunrise.

The sand on the beach is as close to baby powder as I’ve seen. It’s luxurious but the water was a bit of a disappointment. The seaweed made it really uncomfortable to swim. You can see it here piled up on the shoreline. 

But, again, how can you complain?? The beach set-up was beautiful and cozy with plenty of chairs and cabanas.

Walking through the resort this early gave me a chance to explore and snap some photos. This is part of the main pool area. The water is pristine.

There is only one swim-up bar on the other end of the main pool and it’s connected to the Grill where we ate lunch the day before.

Our room is off a smaller pool right next to the main pool. You can see it here. We’re the bottom left-most room in the building on the right. I couldn’t be more happy with its location!

The grounds and landscaping are pretty close to perfect and I love the little paths they have throughout the resort.

There are even certain spots where they have the vegetation labeled.

Of course, there’s always going to be some jerk who litters but the place was pretty spotless.

There are also lots of sculptures and artwork throughout the grounds.

And the activity board is updated daily with new and fun things to do like archery, Spanish lessons, cooking lessons, volleyball, water Zumba, poker, and even cornhole!

There are also lots of game boards, books and even a game center in the middle with pool tables, ping pong, and foosball.

I walked the whole resort taking pictures and looped back to the beach. Here’s a shot from the lobby balcony.

And another of the sunrise now that the sun burned off the morning clouds.

I’m hoping to catch one more sunrise tomorrow morning before heading to the airport, but if I sleep in and miss it I’ll consider that a blessing as well. So I’ll be happy either way.

Our days have been filled with lots of pool time.

That’s my friend Jen and her husband, Bobby, in the background. She started this tradition 3 years ago for her 40th birthday. I followed suit for mine and now we’re just keeping up the tradition.

At night we dress up and hit the restaurants and bars. Sometimes together.

Sometimes solo.

As we like to say… there are some people you can travel with and some people you can’t. She and I make good travel partners. We each do what we want and if it lines up, awesome. If not, no hard feelings, see ya later!

Okay, I’m going to run to and enjoy our last full day. Oh! I forgot to mention the spa! It’s AMAZING. I don’t have any photos but it’s a gorgeous structure with an Aqua Circuit you can do before your service. I hit the gym a couple of times,  too. It’s small but it’s fully equipped with everything I needed for a good workout.

If you are interested in learning more or booking a stay here (or anywhere) don’t forget I’m currently training as a travel agent. I’m going to need some clients to practice on soon so keep me in mind. Click here to check out my booking site. 

I’ll be back later this week with some Thursday Thoughts and my new training routine. I’m super excited to start a new strength program with my workout group and I want to track my progress more closely so I’m going to commit to blogging weekly about it.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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