Escaping Reality on a Saturday Afternoon

Needing an escape from the real world, I have decided to take a break and write about my day so far.

It all started with a little internal battle. I posted this on Facebook a little while ago

Lying in bed this morning. Pondering a run to the gym so I could take yoga.
Should I go?
Nah. The bed is nice.
Should I go?
Ugh. I don’t want to get dressed.
Should I go?
Gah! It’s cold out there.
Should I go?
F’it. I’m up.
Let’s do this!
*~*~* Fast forward after the brisk mile there, a fabulous hour of yoga and a chilly run/walk home. ~*~*~*
Boom! Let’s get this day started, people. I feel fantastic.

I really was *this* close to not going but once I got out the door I put myself on autopilot — one foot in front of the other. Yoga was fantastic and I enjoyed listening to music on my run/walk home.

When I got home the kids and I prepared for an epic laser gun battle.

Laser gun battle ground

Of course my real mission was to vacuum under the couches but why not use it as an opportunity to build forts and bases for a battle?

We used to have these battles with Nerf guns but the bullets are a nightmare. So for Christmas this year we bought the family a set of  these amazing Laser Guns. Now there is no going back.

I’m not exaggerating — these things are amazing. The kids love them. The Husband loves them. I love them! Highly recommended if you are looking for a cool gift for any kids in your life.

Anyway, after our epic battle we put the couches back and cleaned up a little. I will admit to losing steam in that department. The vacuum is still out. I just didn’t have the energy to finish.

The 11-Year-Old on the other hand mustered up some motivation to make his own brunch.

French Toast

I’ve walked him through a simple French toast recipe a few times now — click here to see how I make them — and it’s his favorite thing to make and eat right now. Honestly, I don’t care what it is. I’m just happy he’s taking the initiative. I’ve tried to involve the kids in the kitchen as much as I can but it doesn’t always feel like it’s rubbing off.  It’s also not always fun but I think it’s important that they take an active role in food prep as well as chores.

Since breakfast the whole family has been lounging around. We finished the final season of the new Voltron series on Netflix,  did some coloring and now it’s time to get ready for an afternoon soccer game.

After that I think I’ll be checking out for the day. Maybe I’ll be more productive tomorrow. I just don’t have any energy left, and watching the news has been emotionally draining.

Oh! But I do have some news on the job front. I was brought back for a third interview! It’s apparently down to me and another candidate. Even if I end up not getting this position the whole experience has given me a slight confidence boost in the career department and helped me realize I’m totally ready to go back to more traditional work. I think I’ll be ramping up my job searching if this opportunity doesn’t pan out.

OK, time to hit the road for the 11-Year-Old’s soccer game. Have a great weekend!

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  • Congratulations on the job front!!! That is **amazing**!!!

  • I love that you don’t worry about upending furniture so your boys can play. So many parents would refuse to allow this and I think your approach opens the way for kids to be creative and healthy.

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