Travel Traditions and Future Aspirations


I’m back from the beach! It was a fantastic time as it usually is. Every year I wonder why I don’t live close to the shore, but I guess if I did the sand and surf wouldn’t seem much like a vacation after all. Since 1995 (six years before we were married) I’ve spent a week in Seaside Heights, NJ with my husband’s family. It’s so ingrained in our family culture I can’t imagine not going.  In 2004 I had the idea


Our Texas Adventure (and other stuff)


OMG, I have like a MILLION things to tell you! It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten a chance to blog. Well, that’s only half true. I haven’t been blogging partially because I have no time and partially because when I try I don’t know what to blog about. It’s definitely a byproduct of everything being great but not. Thankfully I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some answers. Anyway, June has been a whirlwind with work, the


Transitioning, Traveling, Tummy Troubles, and Training

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It feels like forever since I sat down just to write.  As I’m transitioning into a new stage of life yet again, writing is one of those things I look back on and wonder how in the world I used to fit it in. As the kids age, I find myself focused on them in a much more emotionally draining way. Babies and toddlers are a handful, of course, but I find myself reminiscing about changing diapers and persuading a 2-year-old to


Sharing Uganda

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I’m alive!! So sorry it’s taking me forever to get back to the blog. Thirty-six hours of continuous travel back and returning to work has been quite a challenge, but it was more than worth it! I don’t have much time right now. I’m actually headed to the office but I wanted to share some photos. I don’t know what I’d say about the trip yet anyway. I think I’m still digesting it. So while I gather my thoughts hopefully my


T – 4 Days Until Africa?!


I really couldn’t come up with a more creative title than that probably because I’m in shock. You guys may not remember when I hopped on an opportunity to travel to Uganda with friends, so I will recap… A friend of mine has a friend who’s currently working in Uganda. He invited people to come visit while he’s stationed there. I decided to join the group because, really, I may never get this opportunity again. Especially, for pretty much, the cost of a


Goodbye, Worry-Free Jamaica

Sunset Couple

Right now I’m on a flight to Baltimore from Jamaica. The past 4 days have been fabulous. The Husband and I, along with 2 other couples, stayed in Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios. San Souci is an all-inclusive, adult-only resort nestled into a coastal mountain with its own private beach area. This is the second time we’ve vacationed at this type of place (last year we were in Punta Cana) and I can say without a doubt, we are hooked. It’s a little too pricey for


Backpack Packed, Jamaica Bound

Jamaica Backpack

Last year my friend Jen booked an extended weekend at an adult-only all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic for her 40th birthday and invited her closest friends to come if they wanted. She picked the resort, the dates and then gave everyone her travel agent’s info to book on their own. The Husband and I joined her and it was a lot of firsts for us. First time in the Dominican Republic, first time at an all-inclusive and first time using a travel agent.


A Scale-less, Mirror-less, Computer-less Week at the Beach


Hey guys! I’m back into the swing of things after our do-as-much-laundry-as-humanly-possible week, aka the annual family beach vacation. Every year we hit up Seaside Heights for a week. It truly feels like a second home there, so much so The Husband and I have discussed the possibility of buying a beach house one day. Not that we can afford a beach house but we dream about it every time we’re there as I Zillow my way around town. One day. Maybe. If we


Our Road Trip To Montreal and Back the Long, Awesome Way

running in Montreal

Last Wednesday I packed the kids in a rental car and we embarked on this year’s Mother-Sons Adventure! Our before trip photo taken in the parking lot of the gas station. This is the 5th year I’ve traveled alone with children and I’ve learned that the only way to have fun is to act like one of them. I was declared winner of the jolly rancher blue tongue contest. Of course I still have to be the responsible one so


Our Disney Road Trip


If I was any sort of good travel blogger I would probably break this down into multiple posts focusing on different parts of my trip to provide tips and share my experience. This way I would actually have something to share between my travels. Then again, if I was any kind of travel blogger at all I would have traveled more since our Wyoming trip seven months ago. But, alas, I’m just a busy mom trying to take as many trips as possible on


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