Thursday Thoughts on Friday — Memory, Travel Plans, and the Best Smoothie Ever!

Long title but bear with me. This actually kind of flows. I was totally planning to post yesterday but The Husband decided to bring out a bottle of wine with dinner and, well, that was the end of that. Plus the 6-Year-Old is smack dab in the middle of a mushy stage. ALL he wants to do is cuddle and I’m totally happy to oblige. We’ve also been working on his reading before bed, so that usually takes a big


Thursday Thoughts Overload

Where to I begin? It’s been a whirlwind of a week that was kicked off by a crazy weekend — so crazy I’m not sure I have the energy to recap it. Let’s just say it involved a pool, baking, wine (a LOT of wine and good friends), a kid’s birthday party and a baseball game with The Husband. Monday was my birthday and this week at work has been busy and interesting, to say the least.  So let me


TENS, Training and a Throwback to Thursday Thoughts

Does anyone remember when I used to do a blog series called Thursday Thoughts on Roni’s Weigh? I originally posted that image 9 years ago and continued a series of post for years on Thursdays where I would share a bullets lists of thoughts, links, resources, and updates. I’m thinking of restarting this concept. I like the idea of having a weekly blogging goal and an outlet to share little tidbits I pick up during the week. However, I think a new


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