Slow and Steady Gains – Week 3

Today I wrapped up another week of my new training routine. It’s been a challenging 3 weeks and I’m starting to notice some changes in my strength. Nothing earth shattering but just slow and steady progress. Here’s how this week shaped up. Sunday Run turned walk. Monday Back Squat – 10 Reps as Heavy As Possible (AHAP) then 2 sets with in 90% My goal was just to go a little heavier than last week’s 143 lbs and I did! I


The Notebook Returns

No, no this isn’t a sequel to everyone’s favorite Ryan Gosling flick. This is the post in which I profess my love of the good old fashioned notebook. This week I went old school with my journaling, using this ancient marble notebook I found at the bottom of my desk drawer. I’m pretty sure I bought it years ago for the now middle schooler’s kindergarten supply list. (Please make it stop — these kids are getting too old!) When I


Ask Roni: How do I Stop Self-Sabotage and Nighttime Binging?

Hi Roni, I am in desperate need to get my overeating under control. I bike 150 miles a week, I swim and work out but I sabotage my hard work by overeating at night. I can consume 2,000 calories extra just at night, ugh! I cannot fit into any of my clothes and I do not want to be a yo-yo any longer. Every day I start a good food program and every night I blow it! Help! -RA Hi


My Breakfast Smoothie Blueprint

Not only am I returning to MyFitnessPal food journaling but I’ve rediscovered smoothies for breakfast. The other day I started watching Food Choices and it inspired me to up my fruit and veggie consumption again. At one point in the movie one of the experts interviewed said  something like “ask anyone and they will tell you fruits and vegetables are good for you.” And I thought.. YES! We worry so about fat and carbs and protein but what if, at the


Camping Update and Operation Overboard Prevention Commencing — Join Me?

Happy Halloween! I’m back from our first family camping trip and it was everything I wanted it to be — a weekend with a whole lot of this… Just chillin’. The kids made friends, as expected, and did what kids do… They even got a chance to do some trick-or-treating. The Husband unexpectedly enjoyed himself. (That face is in lieu of his famous finger) And me? I actually just relaxed — my plan all along and it worked! I had the absolute


A Kelly Bundy-Inspired Podcast

I think I’m losing it. I could have sworn I posted this yesterday but this morning it wasn’t on the site. Sooooo let’s try this again…. Anyone else a Married with Children fan? This episode inspired my topic for this week’s #wycwyc podcast — click here to check it out or have a listen on iTunes. Feeling generous? Become a patron and help us out by clicking here. 

Food Journaling FTW

It’s been a long time since I food journaled. Those who have been reading since my weight-loss days know how important my food journal was to my success and dietary changes. It all started with pen and paper but then social media took over.  I actually had a Twitter account devoted only to my journal, which I retired in 2011.  I’ve taken photos, used apps like MyFitnessPal, and even used to post it daily here on the blog. (Well, there on the blog, but


Healthy Habit Help

Happy Monday! I had an awesomely busy weekend. It all started with a Saturday morning soccer game. Now that both kids play, we divide and conquer. I took the 5-Year-old. The Husband took the 11-Year-Old. Unfortunately this meant no Saturday morning class at the gym for me but it was all good. I think my body needed a break. After the game The 5-Year-Old and I picked up some supplies at Costco and then met The Husband and 11-Year-Old at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.


Six Supplements I’m Currently Taking and Why

I’ve never been a big fan of supplements because I feel like there’s so much evidence on both sides of the coin you can find studies to support whatever it is you want to believe about them. That said, I have started taking a few supplements regularly while training for an a recent event just to see for myself. Let’s start with the least controversial. Whey Protein I’ve used whey protein on and off since I started working out. It’s an easy source of protein


Let the Training Begin

I kicked today’s a$$ — pardon my French. I got up, made the kids breakfast, shuffled them off to camp, caught up on some work, hit the gym at lunch, stopped at the grocery store to stock up, worked on my recipes for the CAC, grilled chicken for dinner, picked up the kids from camp and then cleaned while 5 boys ran around the house having a Nerf gun battle — sometimes I can’t handle the extra neighborhood kids. Today they put


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