2017 Birthday Bucket List

41st birthday

Today I turn 41 and a photo I posted earlier on IG pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about it.  I kept that sign on my desk all day and everyone got a chuckle but the truth is, at 41 I still need to learn that “No” really is a complete sentence. At 41 I’m still struggling with wanting to be “nice” while standing up for myself. At 41 I’m done with feeling like I have to prove myself all


TENS, Training and a Throwback to Thursday Thoughts


Does anyone remember when I used to do a blog series called Thursday Thoughts on Roni’s Weigh? I originally posted that image 9 years ago and continued a series of post for years on Thursdays where I would share a bullets lists of thoughts, links, resources, and updates. I’m thinking of restarting this concept. I like the idea of having a weekly blogging goal and an outlet to share little tidbits I pick up during the week. However, I think a new


Travel Traditions and Future Aspirations


I’m back from the beach! It was a fantastic time as it usually is. Every year I wonder why I don’t live close to the shore, but I guess if I did the sand and surf wouldn’t seem much like a vacation after all. Since 1995 (six years before we were married) I’ve spent a week in Seaside Heights, NJ with my husband’s family. It’s so ingrained in our family culture I can’t imagine not going.  In 2004 I had the idea


10 Confessions on Beach Week Eve

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.29.15 PM

I should totally be packing but I feel like I finally have a minute to breathe and I’m not letting it pass by without writing. Over the past year, my daily blogging habit has slowly slipped away. I no longer have the time to experiment in the kitchen. I’m not interested in keeping or sharing food journals or my experience with weight loss or fitness. The kids are getting older and I want to honor their privacy. (Especially the 12-Year-Old, who when


Our Texas Adventure (and other stuff)


OMG, I have like a MILLION things to tell you! It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten a chance to blog. Well, that’s only half true. I haven’t been blogging partially because I have no time and partially because when I try I don’t know what to blog about. It’s definitely a byproduct of everything being great but not. Thankfully I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some answers. Anyway, June has been a whirlwind with work, the


Date Night In: Cubanos, Mojitos and Legion

Date Night In - Cubano

We continued our new “Date Night In” tradition this past Friday and I’m going on record: This is now my absolute favorite thing to do. The Husband and I pick a meal, pair it with a cocktail and prepare for it all week. The preparation is normally only a trip to the grocery store and maybe the liquor store but the Cubanos we decided to make required us to prepare a bone-in pork shoulder way ahead of time. And we were TOTALLY game.


The Notebook Returns


No, no this isn’t a sequel to everyone’s favorite Ryan Gosling flick. This is the post in which I profess my love of the good old fashioned notebook. This week I went old school with my journaling, using this ancient marble notebook I found at the bottom of my desk drawer. I’m pretty sure I bought it years ago for the now middle schooler’s kindergarten supply list. (Please make it stop — these kids are getting too old!) When I


When Everything is Great But Isn’t


I started this post 3 separate times. Each attempt began with a sentence or two about how I’ve been feeling off lately, but after a few minutes I’d just sit and stare at the keyboard. It felt impossible to find the right words. At one point I decided to just ignore the black cloud over my head and share all the happy stuff, but as I typed, it seemed disingenuous and I lost all motivation. Truth be told, all is great


What do Fidget Spinners, Exploding Kittens, and Lemon Tree Seedlings Have in Common?

Lemon tree seedinlings

Nothing, really, besides all being a pretty big presence in my life this past week. First these fidget spinner thingies. To all my teacher friends out there, I get it. They are annoying. They’re probably taking over your classroom. Kids are using them at inappropriate times, talking about them ad nauseum and doing what kids do best, being irritating. However, as a mom of two boys who mostly obsesses over games on the phone and Xbox, I have welcomed this non-device


A Leaster Dinner Celebration and Update on Training

Family dinner

Do you hear that? Silence! I am actually in the house alone. ALONE! The boys are playing tennis with The Husband. I can count on one hand how many times that’s happened since having kids. It’s glorious! Especially after the family-filled weekend we had to celebrate Leaster, aka Late-Easter. Since I was traveling home from Uganda on actual Easter we picked this weekend to host the family for our traditional spring meal. On the menu was roasted pork loin with a


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