A One-Picture Sensational Sunday on Monday Morning

I kicked this weekend’s ass!

Not only did I take yoga both Saturday and Sunday, I snuck in a mile run, took a new-to-me class at the gym (BodyVive), cleaned (most of) the house, hit the grocery store and got all the laundry done with the boys. We even revived an old family tradition: laundry bombs…

laundry bombs

Although we were a little sad 11-Year-Old is almost too big to do them. He needs much more padding to break his fall now that he stands at 5′ 4”.  I give him one more year before he’s as tall as me. It’s crazy!

After we all did our chores I decided to go to the grocery store alone. It’s amazing how that can sometimes feel like a treat when you have kids. Just me and my cart perusing produce without anyone nagging or needing to be entertained.

My fridge is now packed with fruits and veggies, and last night I roasted a chicken so I could make stock, which is now simmering on my stove. I love waking up with the smell of homemade broth on Monday morning.

Since getting the Fitbit I’ve had a shot of motivation to food journal and track stats. I’ve been going to bed earlier, upping my water intake and I even hopped back on the scale if you could believe it. I was planning a whole post about it, but in short, after 3 years of ignoring my weight I felt sufficiently disconnected from the number for it not to matter to me anymore. Especially with where I am in my fitness and all the progress I’ve made at the gym these the past 4 years.

And it didn’t! Matter that is. It was a little higher than I thought it would be but it didn’t affect me as emotionally as it would have a couple of years ago. Back then I was really going through an identity crisis as I transitioned from someone who valued thinness (weighing less) to someone who valued strength and fitness more than what the scale said. And I knew seeing that number regularly would hold me back from making that transition.

I read an interesting post about reaching your goals and how it’s intertwined with your identity. In hindsight, it makes so much sense to me now. Check it out if you are struggling to reach your goals. It offers an interesting perspective. It even backs up a lot of what we say in What You Can When You Can.

Anyway, I’ve got to run. I have a follow-up interview for that job I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m nervous! The more the idea of going back to work full time settles in the more excited I get about this job opportunity. The position is different than any job I’ve had in the past and a bit out of my comfort zone. It has me written all over it.

Fingers crossed. Wish me luck. I’m off to get ready!

Update: 10 Minutes after posting I got a call to reschedule the interview. I guess I’ll be waiting 2 more days!

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