A First-Place Masters Finish!

Here I am overhead squatting 65 pounds in the final workout of the competition I participated in on Sunday.


A friend from my old gym (Jim) competed with me.


We were in the male/female masters (40+) scaled division and killed it! Well, the first 2 workouts anyway.


The first workout was a power clean ladder. We had to complete at least 1 Power Clean as a team within 45 seconds to progress through the ladder. If we hit all 10 lifts then 5 bonus points would be added to our score.

My weights were as follows… 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 pounds, and it was the first time I ever competed in a ladder where I knew I could at least lift each weight.

I ended by completing 2 power cleans at 135 pounds…

135 lbs power clean
but failed on the third. My partner picked up the slack and completed 6 more at his designated weight. Then I did as many thrusters as possible (which apparently was 20) with 55 pounds in case we needed a tie-breaking score.

I knew we did well in the round. I didn’t expect to come in first place!

My individual progress on power clean (cleans in general) has been slow and steady for sure. I remember failing at 75 pounds over and over my first year of CrossFitting. When I finally hit 100 pounds I was ecstatic. Then I was stuck at 125 for what seemed like forever. Now I’m making progress again. And that my friends is why I love CrossFit so much — slow, consistent progress lifting and doing things at one time I thought impossible.

The second workout was a bit more intense and we were both dreading it. It was 10 minutes of:

  • 60 Calorie Row
  • 50 Deadlifts
  • 40 Hang Power Cleans
  • 30 Front Squats
  • 20 Push Press
  • 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

My designated weight was 75 pounds for all the lifts. The weight was challenging but not impossible for me. We were able to complete a round within the 10 minutes and restart the row again before the clock ran out. 

Here I am dying on the rower.  I have a love/hate relationship with this machine. It really challenges me but I’ve been consistently getting better at it. My last 1k test time was 3:52, down about 25 seconds total from when I first started tracking my times.


Again, I knew we did well but I didn’t think we did first place well!

The third and final round was our worst. It was another 10 minute workout with:

  • 30 plate Alternating Rotational Reverse Lunges
  • 20 Overhead Squats (95/65 pounds)
  • 10 Sit-ups

The lunges really threw us for a loop. They were a little awkward – click here to see what they look like.  Here I am mid-lunge. reverse lunges

They were NOT fun.

We ended up coming in 4th — behind the top placers in this round by just a few reps! — but it was a high enough score to keep our first place position!


It’s hard for me to comprehend the progress I’ve made in my strength and overall fitness since starting CrossFit.   It doesn’t seem that long ago I was contemplating “it” (joining a gym) after a lifetime of hating anything and everything physical  — although now that I looked it was 2007!

It’s been 10 years?!  Ok, I need a minute — TEN YEARS!  It’s probably time I update this page.

My next goal is a Masters Rx competition. It doesn’t seem possible, but then again at one time neither did nearly everything I did in this competition.

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