2017 Birthday Bucket List

Today I turn 41 and a photo I posted earlier on IG pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about it. 

41st birthday

I kept that sign on my desk all day and everyone got a chuckle but the truth is, at 41 I still need to learn that “No” really is a complete sentence.

At 41 I’m still struggling with wanting to be “nice” while standing up for myself.

At 41 I’m done with feeling like I have to prove myself all the time. I know I have a shit ton to offer.

At 41 I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I’ve come to the conclusion I never will.

At 41 I curse more now than I ever have.

At 41 I’m tired of always apologizing for things I don’t need to apologize for.

At 41 I know how lucky I am and every day I try my best to remember it.

At 41 I feel young yet old at the same time. I guess that makes sense for being “middle aged.”

Eww… I’m middle aged!

I’m kidding, of course. I’m actually quite at peace with it.

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you may remember my Birthday Bucket list. The last time I blogged about it was 2014! I crossed off a few small things and made some updates.

  1. Write a Bucket List.
  2. Live at the beach (at least part time), AKA buy a beach house.
  3. Become a world traveler. I don’t even own a passport at the moment.
    2013 update: Passport obtained!! Click here to read the post.
  4. Hike in the Grand Canyon.
  5. As cheesy as it sounds, skydive preferably with one/all of my boys but I won’t force them to do it.
  6. Visit the Redwood Forest.
    2014 update: I didn’t make it there is year BUT The 9-Year-Old and I saw our first redwood on our CA Road trip Adventure!
  7. Publish a book (note: I’ve self published but I want to traditionally publish)
    2017 update: I traditionally published my first book in 2015! Click here to see it on Amazon!
  8. Launch a travel blog.
    2013 update: Launched The UnWordly Travelers last August!
    2017 update: I retired it but now I share my travel blogging here. Now that I’m studying to be an agent I may start back up a separate travel site again. I haven’t decided.
  9. Be financially independent (My goal is to support my family doing only things I love and want to do, like this!)
    2017 update: Well, I went back to work but I’m revisiting this one. I want to work for myself again.
  10. Start some type of non-profit to help people in some way. Not sure what that “way” is yet but I know it will come to me.
  11. Take the ultimate American road trip with my boys coast to coast.
  12. Take a cooking class just because.
    2013 update: I did it AND brought The Husband along. It was great! Click here to read about it. 
  13. Train for and run another marathon. This time completing it in under 5 hours.
    2014 update: Complete! But I missed my time goal by 16 minutes. 🙁
  14. Sing karaoke, alone and OWN IT. This scares the CRAP out of me. I can’t carry a tune to save my life.
    2013 update: I DID IT!!! at FitBloggin’. I’m sure there is a video but I don’t want to see it. lol Honestly, it was really fun even though I suck. I may even do it again. OH! and I chose “One Way or Another” by Blondie. 🙂
  15. Write a children’s book.
    2013 update: In progress! Working on the illustrations with David!
    2014 update: DONE!!  Click here to check out Little Bean’s Funderwear Day and click here to see my kids reading it! Melts me every time!
  16. Take my Mom to Italy.
    2013 update: This was the highlight of the year for me. Click to see how I surprised her on Christmas. 
  17. Take a rock-wall climbing class and get certified to belay.
    2014 update: DONE! And I LOVED IT! More here and I now belay for the kids! See below
  18. See the Northern Lights.
  19. Throw a big reunion party for all my college friends. I miss them dearly.
  20. Host a double elimination Beer Pong tournament in my garage.
    2014 update: Done but in my house.
  21. Spend a week on a guilt-free spa vacation.
  22. Go scuba diving — NOT snorkeling but SCUBA diving. I want to see a coral reef!
  23. See an iceberg.
  24. Take martial arts lessons.
  25. Host FitBloggin’ on the West Coast.
    2013 update: DONE! FitBloggin’13 was in Portland!
  26. Be on or work with the Food Network in some way.
  27. Be present with my kids while they are kids and do my best to raise them to be responsible, happy adults.
    2013 update: In progress. Always.
  28. Take a creative writing class.
  29. Take a class at Penland School of Crafts.
  30. See the stars and milky way in the night sky uninterrupted by city lights.
    2017 update: Done on my trip with the kids to TX this year! 
  31. Do 2 pull ups in a row. Note: I did one once and it took me months of training. WHY are they so friggin’ hard?!
    2014 update: DONE. Sorta. See below!

    2017 update: I was up to almost 4 in 2015 but have lost it again. Ugh. This is a constant struggle! See below…
  32. Visit Australia alone. I can’t explain why, I just want to.
  33. Hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.
  34. Audition for a reality show. Oh wait, I did that already!
  35. Surprise my neighbors with New Year’s gifts.
  36. Master my camera and take a breathtaking photograph that people want to hang on their wall.
    2017 update: I have printed some of my travel photography and have hung them on the wall and I had someone ask me for a print once!
  37. Make a video that goes viral on YouTube.
  38. Plan a romantic transatlantic cruise with The Husband.
  39. Take The Boys to Legoland.
  40. Plan an official 5k event.
  41. See as many of these movies as possible.
  42. Go to ComicCon International.
  43. Take the boys to see the Statue of Liberty.
  44. Spend a FULL day in bed watching movies with the Husband.
    2017 update: The husband and I did this before I went to work.
  45. Teach/inspire as many people to cook as I can.
    2013 update: In progress on GreenLiteBites. 🙂
  46. Build something useful with my hands.
  47. Have a conversation in another language.
  48. Get another tattoo.
    2017 update: I’ve been working on a design. I’m almost ready.
  49. Collaborate on a project with the husband. We have tons of ideas.
  50. Never stop living consciously and continually add to this list.

    New for 2013 …
  51. Run 2 Tough Mudders back to back
    2013 Update: Mission accomplished! Click here to see the video. Now I’m considering putting The World’s Toughest on my list but I’m not sure I’m ready to commit yet.
  52. Compete in an unscaled CrossFit competition
  53. Run at least one adventure marathon. The Great Wall Marathon is at the top of my list.

    New for 2014…
  54. Go skeet shooting.
  55. Try paddle board yoga….. just ’cause.

    New for 2017…
  56. Get back to guitar lessons (I stopped cold turkey once I went back to a traditional office job)
  57. Take the boys to Iceland for our first international trip
  58. Squat 200 lbs (I’ve been stuck in the 150s for almost 2 years now)

It was fun revisiting this. I’m feeling all sorts of motivated now. 🙂

6 comments On 2017 Birthday Bucket List

  • For sure hit the G.Canyon soon- I’ve done many runs, hikes, white water rafting and mountain biking in the area. It’s more difficult the older you get- but I am 22 years your senior so I guess you still have plenty of time.

  • Hi. I just want to say happy birthday. You’re all kinds of awesome and I feel like you’re a pen pal that I can’t wait to hear from.

    Hope your week is fantastic.

  • Happy Birthday Roni – you deserve the whole list – thanks for the inspiration as always! Janine

  • I LOVE your bucket list, and am impressed at how many things you’ve already done on it. You are very creative. Happy belated birthday. 🙂

  • Great to see your updates. I am inspired to start my own list…today. I agree with Jackie, above, you are like a favorite pen pal, it always brings a smile when you post!

  • Happy Birthday Roni! I love that list of yours – especially the accomplishments! Go Girl!

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