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Peach-Habanero Wing Sauce

Peaches and Habaneros

I’m really getting into making my own dressings and sauces. For dressings I usually do a single serving on an as-needed basis by adding a tablespoon of this or that and just whisking it together. For sauces though, it takes a little more effort and cooking time. Nothing crazy, just not instantaneous like a salad dressing. I’ve been really enjoying coming up with simple combinations like peach-habanero and it’s fun because this is the one foodie thing The Husband actually gets excited about.


Focusing on the Awesome

beer drinkin'

This weekend had its awesome and not-so-awesome moments. I’ll focus on the awesome because that’s more fun and I don’t feel like being a downer. All I’ll say is parenting is exhausting, marriages can be complicated and life is sometimes just hard. We kicked off the weekend with a Friday night clean-fest because the house needed some love and attention. It’s been a disaster all week and we just couldn’t get ahead of it. So as a family we decided to


A Kelly Bundy-Inspired Podcast

Kelly Bundy

I think I’m losing it. I could have sworn I posted this yesterday but this morning it wasn’t on the site. Sooooo let’s try this again…. Anyone else a Married with Children fan? This episode inspired my topic for this week’s #wycwyc podcast — click here to check it out or have a listen on iTunes. Feeling generous? Become a patron and help us out by clicking here. 

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie with a Side of Hormones

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie Close Up

The last few days I’ve been an emotional mess. For example, last night this had me in a full-blown ugly cry. Damn. It got me AGAIN. Tears streaming down my face. Of course, while watching The Husband walks in from tennis and just looks at me. I confess my crazy tears, he shakes his head and I start to laugh at myself. I mean, I own my sappiness but I was seriously at a 10 last night. All week so far I’ve missed the 5 a.m.


Ending the Day With Something Sweet


Nothing special happened today, just a typical family-work-family sandwich. I did, however, kick it off with early-morning gym time and ended it with a trip to the bowling alley. Breakfast was dinner leftovers, again. I finished off the the shrimp pasta I had in the fridge. I ate it after the kids got to school and while working at my desk. I have another project I’m working on for a client. I’m hoping to wrap it up tomorrow and get a


A Food-Filled Weekend

lettuce wrap

I was totally planning on posting my food journal on Friday but time got away from me, and by the time the kids went to bed The Husband and I were ready to just chill. That’s when I got the idea to keep a weekend-long food journal and post it Sunday night instead. So here goes…. Friday Breakfast …was dinner. Sometimes I’m just lazy and I don’t want to make anything for breakfast so I just grab some leftovers. Late-Morning Snack My


Funny Faces, Old Food and a New Podcast!


It’s Thursday so you know what that means, right? BOWLING! I don’t care how cheesy it is, I really look forward to my 3 hours at the bowling alley, hanging out with the old bucks and drinking beer. Before I leave I have 3 things I want to share. 1. Funny Faces I posted this on IG just a bit ago but it’s one of those things I definitely want to remember so I’m going to share it here as well.


More Food Journal Fun

pork chop dinner

Yesterday’s post was like a soul cleansing. It felt good to get that all out of my head. I’m just popping in to post today’s food journal. I’m running out of time to practice guitar before bed so I have to run. I’ve checked off nearly all of my healthy habits today! Breakfast I didn’t have as much time for breakfast this morning so I made a smoothie. I ended up having to eat it with a spoon it was so thick. This


Food Journaling FTW


It’s been a long time since I food journaled. Those who have been reading since my weight-loss days know how important my food journal was to my success and dietary changes. It all started with pen and paper but then social media took over.  I actually had a Twitter account devoted only to my journal, which I retired in 2011.  I’ve taken photos, used apps like MyFitnessPal, and even used to post it daily here on the blog. (Well, there on the blog, but


Healthy Habit Help


Happy Monday! I had an awesomely busy weekend. It all started with a Saturday morning soccer game. Now that both kids play, we divide and conquer. I took the 5-Year-old. The Husband took the 11-Year-Old. Unfortunately this meant no Saturday morning class at the gym for me but it was all good. I think my body needed a break. After the game The 5-Year-Old and I picked up some supplies at Costco and then met The Husband and 11-Year-Old at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.


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