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Happy 40th Birthday to Me….

boys making me breakfast

and welcome to my new blog! Today I turn 40, and to celebrate I decided it was time to take a leap. A giant leap. A monumental leap. Well… for me at least. I’ve been blogging for 11 years over at Roni’s Weigh, 9 at GreenLiteBites and 4 on the UnworldlyTravelers. I’ve contemplated combining blogs for quite some time but the thought of actually doing it scared the crap out of me. It seemed like a monumental task from a technical,


Food Coming Soon

GreenLiteBites Screen Shot

I am retiring my original food blog, GreenLiteBites. After 9 years it was a really tough decision but it was time to move on. I will be posting my food adventures here along with anything else I feel like blogging. I’ll post my next idea asap. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen.

A Scale-less, Mirror-less, Computer-less Week at the Beach


Hey guys! I’m back into the swing of things after our do-as-much-laundry-as-humanly-possible week, aka the annual family beach vacation. Every year we hit up Seaside Heights for a week. It truly feels like a second home there, so much so The Husband and I have discussed the possibility of buying a beach house one day. Not that we can afford a beach house but we dream about it every time we’re there as I Zillow my way around town. One day. Maybe. If we


Our Road Trip To Montreal and Back the Long, Awesome Way

running in Montreal

Last Wednesday I packed the kids in a rental car and we embarked on this year’s Mother-Sons Adventure! Our before trip photo taken in the parking lot of the gas station. This is the 5th year I’ve traveled alone with children and I’ve learned that the only way to have fun is to act like one of them. I was declared winner of the jolly rancher blue tongue contest. Of course I still have to be the responsible one so


Want to Lose Weight? Consider Non-Scale Goals — Lessons Learned From My June #milestreak


Tomorrow I wrap up my 30-day #milestreak and I’m stoked. For those who don’t know, a #milestreak is simply a commitment to run (or walk) at least a mile a day for a period of time. I started mine on June 2, which leads right to my first lesson learned… 1. There is no “Perfect” Day to Start Go on… admit it… you’ve uttered these phrases more than once…  “I’ll start Monday” or “After the holiday I’ll….” or “Come the New


Cool Mom vs. Mean Mom


Why, hello strangers! Life has been a whirlwind these days. We’re wrapping up the end of the school year, I’m working during the day for a client, still managing the gym and today The 10-Year-Old became The 11-Year-Old! That’s right, this toddler is now a middle schooler! That’s crazy talk! Watching him grow up is so very fun. Exhausting at times, but fun. So far, in my 11 short years of parenting I learned there is a fine line between


No Trace! Well… Except When it Motivates Me


Trying to keep the house clean with kids it’s a constant battle. Who am I kidding? It’s probably just as hard without kids – – I just don’t remember those days. Now I’m buried by Legos and Matchbox cars. There always seems to be something on the counters — mail, papers, bills, CRUMBS! And the Nerf bullets, oh my word, don’t even get me started. They are EVERYWHERE! Our house is proudly “lived in” and normally I don’t mind the mess but I


Quick-ish Middlebury Maple Half Marathon Recap


There are so many thoughts swimming in my head it’s hard for me to start this post.  My weekend in Vermont with Cabot and the amazing group of women they organized was exactly what my soul needed at this point in my life. I left on Friday a little down. I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional baggage lately but after spending the weekend with seven amazing women I’m returning inspired, re-energized and more confident than ever. Yesterday I ran


Our Disney Road Trip


If I was any sort of good travel blogger I would probably break this down into multiple posts focusing on different parts of my trip to provide tips and share my experience. This way I would actually have something to share between my travels. Then again, if I was any kind of travel blogger at all I would have traveled more since our Wyoming trip seven months ago. But, alas, I’m just a busy mom trying to take as many trips as possible on


7 Days, 6 Nights, 5 Bags, 4 States, 3 Cameras, 2 Kids, and 1 Awesome Vacation!


This post is going to be a long one. You may want to grab a drink and put your feet up. Last year at this time I started planing an adventure in an area of the country I knew very little about. It was for our annual mother-son trip and the first where I would take both boys on a plane. As you can see someone was very excited. Evan is just about 4 and half years old and this was


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