Roni started blogging in 2005 as a way to help stay accountable on her personal weight-loss journey. She's been motivating and sharing her passions online ever since. Her mission is simple: inspire and share her ideas to live a lighter, healthier, more conscious life.

Roni's Story

Once an assistant professor of multimedia and web technology, Roni Noone changed her career path drastically after blogging about her 70 pound weight loss.

Roni Doing Yoga

In 2005 Roni started a blog to help her stay accountable while trying to lose weight. This wasn't the first time Roni dieted but it ended up being her last. Roni Noone - Founder/Organizer/Crazy Person Roni used her blog, Roni’s Weigh, to not only shed 70 pounds, but to start a running habit, get over a fear of weight training, complete two marathons and run seven Tough Mudders, yes, seven.  

Blogging became a complete creative outlet for Roni. Within 2 years she launched a second blog called GreenLiteBites to share her food ideas. Recognizing the power of blogging, she also started a supportive online community called BlogToLose, where now more than 6,000 users are blogging to reach their own weight-loss goals.

FitBloggin Staff In 2010 Roni launched the FitBloggin’ conference to bring together new and seasoned health and wellness, fitness and weight-loss bloggers for knowledge, personal growth and networking. Now in its fifth year, FitBloggin' is a thriving, supportive, community of bloggers all sharing the conference's mission to help spread a culture of health and wellness.

Roni published her her first cookbook in 2011 based on the recipes she shared on GreenLiteBites while continuing to post new, creative and light food ideas on the blog.

With two successful blogs under her belt, Roni launched a third in 2012 to explore and inspire herself and her readers to travel more. TheUnworldlyTravelers chronicles the travels of two old friends as they try to see as much of the world as possible.

As a Mom to two active boys, Roni continues to balance her interests while raising a family. She recently self published a children's book, is planning the next FitBloggin', staying as active as possible and traveling whenever she can. In 2013, she launched the challenge and hashtag #wycwyc -- "What You Can When You Can" -- to inspire people to do what they can when they can while working toward their goals. What You Can When You Can was published by Seal Press in 2015 and is now available in stores.

Roni has represented and consulted for a wide variety of clients in the health and fitness industry including: Kellogg, ALDI, The Laughing Cow, Reebok, HumanaVitality, Weight Watchers, Kraft, Vitalicious, Subway, Johns Hopkins University, Quaker, Nutrilite, and Pom. She has also been featured in many media outlets including CNN, the Today show, Inside Edition, Ladies Home Journal, Everyday Health, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, and Wired.

Right now Roni is either lifting, blogging, cooking or traveling.


Roni's Writings

In addition to writing for her blogs, Roni is a traditionally published author, has self-published two titles, and contributes content to a variety of client blogs and brands.

What You Can When You Can: Healthy Livingn on Your Terms

wycwyc Book

What You Can When You Can (#wycwyc) is a book, a movement, a mindset, and a lifestyle—one that harnesses the power of small steps to let you achieve your health and fitness goals on YOUR terms. The #wycwyc (pronounced "wickwick") philosophy applies to anything and everything that contributes to a healthy, happy life: nutrition, exercise, physical and mental rejuvenation, and so much more. Click here to see #wycwyc on Amazon and here to visit

Review Kudos

I. Love. This. Book. As someone who has struggled with weight, food, exercise, and body image for most of her life, and has done it all from extreme diets and gimmicks to intuitive eating and being the Queen of Denial, I have come to a nice, healthy balance...and even before there was a book, #wycwyc helped me modulate the all-or-nothing Voice In My Head. Now all that wisdom is contained in a nice little book with bite-sized portions, inspirational quotes, and, best of all, common sense (which some of us need to be reminded of from time to time).

This is the book that the diet industry doesn't want you to read because it reveals the real secret to reaching your weight loss and fitness goals and it doesn't require following a strict diet, spending hours at the gym, or taking expensive supplements. It all boils down to doing what you can when you can, and, really, how could you possibly do more? The message is simple, but empowering. No matter where you are, no matter how many competing responsibilities you face, you can do this much, and you will get healthier in the process. Carla and Ronnie don't talk down to you--they share from their own experiences and fill every chapter with common sense, practical tips for responding to everyday situations in ways that will help you reach your goals. Crash diets and extreme exercise programs fail because we can't sustain them. WYCWYC shows you how you can succeed by making seemingly small but cumulatively important decisions every day, no matter what life throws your way. If you are frustrated with failed diets, burnt out from the gym, or just need some motivation this book is for you.

If you only do one healthy thing for yourself today, make it ordering this book. "What you can, when you can" - #wycwyc - is not another "how to lose ten pounds in ten days" knockoff. It's not a gimmick or a trick or a fad or a moneymaking scheme. It's a mindset, a lifestyle, a way of thinking that goes far beyond fitness or weight loss or even physical health. #wycwyc will change the way you think about everything, from how many steps you walk in a day to helping your kids finish a science project or handling your schedule at work. For me, it's even changed the way I approach my mental well-being and my own writing projects.

If you've ever suffered from an "all-or-nothing" mentality (and who hasn't?), this book and the associated movement can change your life. Advice on things like “creating margins” and “embracing deconvenience” seem so simple and perfect that I wonder why I never came up with them myself. The entire book is a series of pointers and tips that have light bulbs going off in my brain one after another, until I’m left – at the end – feeling so motivated and enlightened that I look at my day and my life in an entirely different light.

#wycwyc is a game-changer. It’s throwing out the drive for perfection and refocusing your sights on progress, on growth and learning and getting the most out of every second of your day, in ways that contribute to your health and happiness and inner well-being.

For those who like print books, as I do, this is sized perfectly to slide into your purse and keep with you always. Its bite-sized, easily digested chapters are perfect for snatching a moment or five to read when you're waiting to pick up a child at school or on a break at work. It’s the perfect practice vessel for “activating your wait times” and doing what you can, when you can. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably be downloading the Kindle version as well, for those times when all you’ve got with you is your phone and you’ve got a few spare minutes.

Buy it. Read it. Live it. Go find the blogs by Carla and Roni and read them too. Follow all the things. Download the podcasts. Like the Facebook page and the Twitter feeds. Join the growing community of people who love these two women and their approach to life and health. I’m positive you’ll be glad you did.

Little Bean's Funderwear Day!

Litte Bean's Funderwear Day

Little Bean's Funderwear Day is a picture book about her youngest son, also known as Little Bean, as he gets ready for potty training. Little Bean isn't so little anymore. Now that he can walk and talk, it's time to start using the potty! Join Little Bean as he learns and prepares for Funderwear Day with his family. Click here to see Little Bean on Amazon.

Review Kudos

My daughter loves this book! She calls it "The Bean Book" and requests it often while she's waiting on the potty. We started reading it before we had our own Funderwear day (first day of wearing underwear) and it really helped get her excited about wearing underwear and using the potty. The illustrations are really fun, too!

Adorable book! The story is great and the artwork is adorable! This is a wonderful book for boys and girls as well! I can't wait until more of my nieces and nephews are ready for Funderwear day so I can share this book with them!

I bought this book for my nephew, who is just starting to use the potty. He walked around carrying the book for half the day. I think that was a five-star review from him. His mom also said she might take it to the preschool where she works, because there are some reluctant potty-trainers in her class.

The idea of "Funderwear Day" is genius and the drawings are adorable. I thought the book might give a little more how-to for toddlers, but the point seems to be helping to start the potty conversation with a nervous toddler and make it seem more like an adventure than a chore.

The book doesn't tell what happened to Little Bean on Funderwear Day, but we can only hope it was a big success.

Looking forward to future books from this author and illustrator!

GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years

Roni's Weigh

Based on the success and popularity GreenLiteBites, Roni decided to take the leap and put some of her food ideas in print. It was a big step for Roni and after much internal debate she publised GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years. The book contains not only all of Roni's own recipes but her photos, her story and a lots of fun tips. Click here to see inside GreenLiteBites: Favorites From the First 3 Years on Amazon.

Review Kudos

I loved the book. The layout is beautiful, showing off her past in the graphic arts. There are pictures of every beautiful dish and the book is well made. The recipes are inventive, unique and best of all--really yummy. I have been reading Roni's greenlitebites website for awhile and realized that while I love the book I'd rather just go to the website to search for recipes since there are so many more online. I ended up spreading the love and giving the book to my mother in law. I think Roni has another fan now...

This is a great little cookbook. The pictures are fabulous and the recipes are easy enough for busy people and gourmets alike. I am a lifetime weight watcher member who is losing all my for the SECOND time (dont ask!) This book helps me stay on points and eat healthier. I love to cook. Dieting doesnt appeal to me. But Great, healthy recipes do. EVERYONE, whether you are losing weight or just trying to be health concious will love this book. I have cooked out of it for Company (pork chops with mushroom gravy and creamy mashed potatoes) and NOBODY even knew it was "healthy" and not loaded with fat and extra calories!! Today I am making Taco-ish soup - super easy warm lunch for a rainy day. You will not be sorry you bought this book. As for LOVE it. I buy EVERYTHING I can from them....super easy and the best customer service!

I have been following Roni for years and am so excited to have all of her best recipes at my fingertips. Her easy to follow instructions are great for this single "non-cook" and I like that she shares full color pictures of food she actually made for her family- no food glamour shots in this book! But this cookbook if you are short on time and need to cook healthy, great tasting food for yourself or for your family.


Roni's Blogs

Passionate about inspiring others and sharing her ideas Roni blogs regularly on her three active blogs.

Roni's Weigh

Roni's Weigh

Roni's Weigh started as a simple commitment to post a weekly weigh-in update on a single page and has blossomed into an active community of "losers". Still a daily journal for Roni, the site serves its audience by being a motivating resource for those who want to lose weight and serves Roni as she continues to forge ahead in her weight maintenance and active lifestyle. With over 50,000 unique visitors a month, 6,000 Facebook fans, and 11,000 Twitter followers, Roni has established a name for herself in the world of weight loss blogging. Click here to visit Roni's Weigh.

Comment Kudos

You and your journey have inspired me so much! Thank you for your honesty, your personal truth, and your tips/advice! I hope you continue to enjoy sharing YOUR story! Tammy from Columbia, CT ps. I love the videos of you presenting your mom with tickets to Italy and the videos of your morning runs!

Thanks for writing this. I read a lot of blogs, well-known ones included and I wanted to tell you that yours is my favorite because you are so real and so honest.

Roni, I'm new to your blog, and I've been LOVING slowly cruising through your archives and catching up on your story. I'm in tears after reading this post. I lost about 50 pounds over the past few years and I've been stuck for over a year now in a terrible place of self-hatred, self-abuse, depression, obsessive exercise, obsessive calore-counting, the whole deal. I've recently started a therapy process with a counselor. Your blog makes me feel understood and connected. Thank you for that.



GreenLiteBites is all about adventures in healthier eating. Roni shares her recipes, tips and family reactions as she attempts to eat just a little cleaner and lighter. From breakfast to dinner ideas and even a weekly video post, GreenLiteBites is mission is to inspire people to cook a little bit more at home while leaving their culinary comfort zones behind. With 5,000 active subscribers, 7,000 Facebook fans and over 150,000 unique visitors a month, GreenLiteBites is a fun resource for those looking for easy, healthy food ideas. Click here to visit GreenLiteBites.

Comment Kudos

Roni, I really love your attention to detail (your conversation) when posting recipes for cooking/baking. It’s like standing in the kitchen alongside a close friend, chopping, talking, laughing, tasting & cooking together. I thought that I knew how to cook, but I am finding at 60+ years of my life, I have a lot to learn. This recipe is a “must do” for me in the very near future – I cannot wait to try it. By the way with your culinary instruction, I have really gotten pretty good at mastering the technique to “Supreme a Grapefruit.”! I’m eating healthy, losing weight via the WeightWatcher lifestyle, so you’re really helping me a lot. Thank YOU for all your great instructions! BTW… your boys are TERRIFIC!

Yummo! I have been following your site for about six years (I think)!!! My 10 year old daughter and I made this today! We both loved it. I am also a WW lifetimer. Thanks for continuing to do all the hard work and sharing all of your awesome recipes. –Kippi. Ps. I am a visual leaner so all of the pictures are great!

Hi Roni!- Just wanted to let you know finding your website really just changed my life! I am a huge heath freak but also a sophomore in college… and I am constantly surrounded by pizza, calories, and saturated fats! Thanks so much for creating this (btw tried your pumpkin spice bread tonight… amazing!!) Thank you! Kiley :)

The UnWorldly Travelers

The Unworldly Travelers

Roni's newest blog and creative outlet, The Unworldly Travelers is the travel journal of two life-long friends who long to see the world. This blog is all about inspiring people to break out of the daily monotony to see more of the world, even if it means simply discovering a new restaurant in their home town. Click here to visit The UnWorldly Travelers.

Comment Kudos

After reading this post earlier this year, I went to my husband and said, "I think we should go to Europe this summer." It's one of those things we've been talking about for years. But we always thought the time wasn't right or we didn't have enough money or a zillion other things. But I realized there was really no reason we couldn't -- or shouldn't -- do it right now. So after months of planning, we leave for London, Paris, and Cologne for 2 weeks on Friday. So thank you! You are ever an inspiration!


Roni's Speaking Engagements

Roni has taught a variety of classes ranging from Introduction to Computers to Advanced Web Technologies and even Social Media Strategies. With a master's in Instructional Technology and a passion for weight loss, fitness and cooking, Roni enjoys speaking on a wide range of topics.

Roni with Mic

Past Speaking Appearances


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FitBloggin Inspired by the blogging conference trend and seeing a lack of niche options, especially for those interested in health and wellness, Roni begain to plan the inaugural FitBloggin' conference. In 2009 she embarked on an entirely new adventure -- event planning -- and discovered a real passion for bringing people together.


From the beginning, FitBloggin's mission has been to bring together the community of health-conscious bloggers for education, networking and friendship, and that's exactly what it has done for the past 5 years.

Click here to learn more about the FitBloggin' conference


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From radio to TV, online to print, Roni has been intervierwed, featured, and quoted by an impressive list of media outlets.

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